Lower face (neck) lift

Of all the areas of the face it is the lower face and neck that troubles people the most. As we age the skin loses its tight attachment to the underlying structures. It also loses its elasticity, so it falls down.

The skin becomes thinner as does the layer of fat beneath it. There are certain points on the face where the skin is tightly attached to the underlying structures e.g. the corners of the mouth and the lower part of the ear. The skin appears to hang from these points. Note: When plastic surgeons refer to a “facelift” they usually mean a procedure that lifts and tightens the lower face only. Many non cosmetic surgeons assume that it means that the whole face will be treated. This point should be clarified with your surgeon and factored into any decision based on costs.

What is involved in the lower facelift procedure?

If you have a large amount of skin hanging under the neck and prominent jowls you will probably benefit from a facelift. This procedure moves the skin of the face up and back. The excess skin is trimmed. The resulting scar is directly in front of the ear and continues down and behind the ear. The swelling lasts about 10 days. There may be some mild bruising.

The lower facelift procedure will often improve the hanging skin, the muscle bands in the neck, the fatty appearance of the neck (combined with fat removal). We will not perform facelifts on smokers because there is an increased risk of skin death. We do have some alternatives for those you just can not quit and will discuss these at your consultation.

I am not ready for a facelift yet. Do you have any other treatments available?

Those with early facial aging (thirties) may be suitable for treatments ranging from injectablesand fillers to a mini facelift and in some cases a full facelift. Fillers can give some improvement in deep lines around the mouth and in the lines form the nose to the mouth (nasolabial folds). Liposuction can improve the appearance of fatty areas in the jowl and neck. If you have mild sagging of the facial skin and want a more subtle result you may be a candidate for a threadlift.

How can I get an idea of what a lower facelift can do for me?

Look in the mirror. Place the palms of you hands right below the cheekbone. Move your hands up and back, toward the ears. If you like what this does to your jawline profile, it could probably be accomplished within either a traditional lower facelift or a thread lift. The traditional method is long lasting, and the threadlift procedure will last 2-5 years. For additional information, see Dr. Rodriguez explain the goals of a great facelift.