Buttock augmentation (implants)

This procedure is designed to enhance the size of the buttocks. Buttock augmentation can be done by using silicone implants or fat from a person’s body, known as fat transfer (or “fat grafting“). Patients who desire buttocks augmentation generally lack fat in this area, or are unable to develop proportionate gluteal muscles.

The Procedure:

A surgeon places the patient on his or her stomach, makes incisions where the buttock meet the upper leg or in the crease near the anus. A pocket is created in the buttocks, where the doctor shapes the implant to the patient’s body, or inserts the fat tissue.  The incisions are then sutured, and dressings applied.

Patients must avoid sitting on the buttocks while healing from surgery. With so much stress regularly placed on this area, patients may experience great pain during the recovery period. 


Pain, bruising and some discomfort may occur. Buttock implant patients will not be able to lie on their backs for about 2 weeks. Most surgeons recommend wearing a compression garment to hold down swelling.  It is usually advised that you wait 2 weeks before returning to work.o the patient’s body, or inserts the fat tissue.

Is this surgery right for me?

Are you unhappy with your appearance because of a flat behind? If so, butt augmentation may benefit you greatly. With this procedure, patients may enjoy the following results:

  • Enhanced buttocks shape and size
  • Improved body shape
  • An elevated sense of self-esteem

Ideal candidates for buttock enlargement should be physically and mentally healthy, at least 18 years of age, in possession of realistic expectations, and familiar with all that is associated with the procedure, including the potential risks and side effects. Furthermore, they should be seeking this procedure for themselves, rather than to please anybody else.