Preecha Aesthetic Institute

Preecha Aesthetic Institute

Makeover-Thailand is proud to be associated with the renowned Preecha Aesthetic Institute.

Aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery at PAI is world class.  The very latest technology combined with evidence based practice ensures that you are in very good hands with treatment providers at The Preecha Aesthetic Institute.  Dr Preecha has been a practicing plastic surgeon for over 30 years and has worked extensively in many countries as a plastic surgeon and educator. He is most recognized worldwide for his outstanding work and contributions to the field of gender realignment surgery.  All surgeons at PAI have had extensive training and experience in aesthetic plastic surgery and have internationally recognized qualifications.

The multi-disciplinary team at PAI offer a full range of aesthetic plastic surgery and medical treatments.

About Preecha Aesthetic Institute

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is established in 2002 offers a full range of Cosmetic surgery and Reconstructive surgery by the renowned Preecha Tiewtranon, MD, a plastic surgeon with over 30 years experiences and one of the best international standard private clinics, Thailand. Preecha Aesthetic Institute is the first multidisciplinary Aesthetic and Reconstructive center and the pioneer in Sex Reassignment Surgery, Thailand since 1980.

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI)’s form by the renowned Asst.Prof.Dr.Preecha Tiewtranon, MD, Asst.Prof.Dr. Sirachai Jindarak, MD, Asst.Prof.Dr.Prayuth Chokrungvaranont, MD, Dr.Sattha Siritantikorn, MD, Asst.Prof.Dr.Apichai Angspatt, MD, Dr.Sutin Khobunsongserm, MD, Dr. Burin Wangjiraniran MD. FRCS, and highly qualify best plastic surgeon colleagues Thailand whom also highly qualified from internationally renowned institutions. The theory center is to ensure safety and satisfaction with the outcome of procedures. Each surgeon must specialize in their special area for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

The quality of PAI member, each plastic surgeon’s undergo year of surgical specialty training, pass qualifying and certifying examinations in their respective (Board certification), and member in good standing in their societies of plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as agree to abide by the high ethical standards of these societies.

Preecha Aesthetic Institute, Bangkok center is being one of the best known as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, blepharoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift, body contouring as well as reconstructive surgery FtM, MtF, and FFS. With long experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, our group of surgeon have been performed (MtF), SRS (Penile Skin Inversion) 4,459 cases, SRS by Sigmoid Colon 975 cases and FtM surgery, 1,820 cases since 1980-2009. The percentage of MtF and FtM patient is 90% are foreigner included American, Australian, European, Japanese, Singapore, and Middle East. The number of success rate is over 95% without any complications and have been increasing yearly.

The center advanced 10 consultation rooms, 6 operation rooms fully equipment leading Aesthetic Plastic Surgery completed with recovery rooms and the internationally accepted standard of hygienic system.