About Us

Why use us?
We have done all the hard work for you! Other ‘medical concierge’ services are staffed by people who have no medical background. Our facilitator is a highly qualified cosmetic nurse practitioner who trained at London’s prestigious Kings College. She has vast experience in plastic/reconstructive surgical procedures, aesthetic medicine, and is a highly regarded non-surgical facial rejuvenation practitioner; she was responsible for establishing a number of cosmetic skin clinics in Australia. We hand pick the best surgeons, dentists, and treatment facilities. Thailand is well known for ‘medical tourism’, due to the exceptionally high quality of service, and low costs. But how do you know who is the best person for your particular needs? Makeover Thailand, removes the stress and the guess work, because we have thoroughly researched all of the facilities in Thailand. And because we are here in Bangkok, we can assist you through every step of your journey.

Your choices
We offer a choice of the best hospitals, surgeons, dentists and other practitioners. We have agreements with all the best internationally accredited hospitals. If you are unhappy with your chosen practitioner for any reason, we are happy to arrange consultations with other practitioners. As medical professionals, we understand that you not only want the most highly skilled treatment provider, you also need the surgeon/dentist/or other practitioner you are most comfortable with. All Makeover-Thailand’s affiliates are internationally accredited, highly skilled professionals. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with them. But ultimately, this is YOUR journey, and we are dedicated to ensuring experience is a positive one!

Our personal service.
From the moment you arrive in Thailand, your every wish can be catered for..  You will be picked up in a limousine from the airport.  Our facilitator will meet with you at your hotel to ensure you are happy with your accommodation.  At this point you will be provided with a detailed itinerary of scheduled appointments, hospital admission, and any other other individual needs.  You will also be given a local sim card pre-programmed with your facilitator’s number, your clinic, and/or Doctors number, and anything else you may need.

Once you have had your surgery or dental procedure, our service doesn’t end there.  While you are recuperating, should you be in any way concerned, uncomfortable or would just like some reassurance, you can contact your facilitator at any time, and she will be there immediately, as a highly experienced registered nurse in the UK and Australia, she will assess your medical condition, and take appropriate action to ensure you safety and comfort. Your facilitator will be happy to advise on shopping destinations, arrange restaurant reservations, spa and beauty treatments, sight-seeing, cultural experiences.. Your wish is our command!

Cosmetic and general dentistry is Thailand may be as little as 30% of the cost at home.. Why wait, have the smile you’ve always dreamed of now!  Our dental clinics offer all services from check up/scale and polish, to whitening, root canals, crowns, dental implants and veneers.